Best gift shops in Nairobi in 2023

Best gift shops in Nairobi

Gift shops in Nairobi Kenya

Almost every backpacker will tell you that they were tortured by the prices in Nairobi’s good shops. If this is the case, perhaps your knowledge of Kenya or some other country might be more relevant than it may first appear. In our list, we have featured the most and best gift shops in Nairobi, CBD area. These are the top-rated Gift shops in Kenya and Nairobi in General. Below is a list of Best gift shops in Nairobi.

Pablo Gift Shop Nairobi Kenya.

Pablo Gift Shop was started in 2014 by university students in Nairobi as part of a class project. They began selling hand-crafted items to friends and on Facebook and gradually grew to incorporate other imported and custom-made gift items.

Pablo Gift Shop specializes in selling shoes, belts, watches, happy socks, children’s wear, jewelry, neckties, and wallets. They provide online shopping services so you can order the items you need and they offer delivery services when you purchase items that exceed a certain amount. Get some of the best gift items for any special occasion from Pablo Gift Shop.

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Contact information

Physical Address: Hamilton House 1st floor room 15 opposite Trattoria Restaurant near City Hall Nairobi CBD Telephone: +254715 909090, +254714 062929. +254718 755333 Email address: Website:

Pablo Gift Shop is a successful business with over 15 employees and its own brick and mortar shop in Nairobi CBD and countrywide deliveries to the rest of Kenya! They also offer custom engraving on their products, which are made in-house or sourced from suppliers all over the world.

Pablo Gift Shop is the perfect place for all your gift-giving needs. Our selection includes custom cards, designer watches, and anything else you could possibly want. We have something for every occasion, so whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or just a random Tuesday, we’ve got you covered.

Best gift shops in Nairobi in 2023

Blueline Gift Shop

Blueline Gifts offers customized T-shirts, pens, calendars, diaries, and notebooks among many others. Blueline Gifts is among the top personalized gift shops.

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Contact information

Physical Location: Blueline Holdings Ltd P.O. BOX 10476 00100 71 Muthithi Road Nairobi, Kenya. Telephone Number: +254 (20) 374 3454, +254 (733) 602 777 Email address: Website:

Universal Gift Center

Universal Gift Center is also known as Camera Africa. It is one of the top gift shops in Nairobi CBD located along Kenyatta Avenue. It’s a dealer in broadcast and media equipment and accessories. If you want to buy a DSLR camera, video camera, and other accessories, this is the best place to get gifts. Universal Gift shop sells a variety of camera brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc

Contact Information

Physical location: UNIVERSAL GIFT CENTER, Kenyatta Ave, Next to Simmers Restaurant and Phoenix House

Nairobi, Kenya Telephone: +254 722764900 Email Address: Website:

Utamaduni Craft Center

Utamaduni Craft Center is a one-stop gift shop. It is an artisan market where you can get some of the best art and craft items. Items include handicrafts, drawings, woven baskets and containers, pottery among many others.

Contact information

Physical address: Bogani East Road, Langata, Nairobi. Telephone: +254 (0)722 205 028 Email address: Website:

House of Leather


NHC Building Aga Khan Walk

Elysee Plaza Kilimani Rd; Panari Sky Centre, Mombasa Rd; Kenrail Towers, Westlands

Open: 9AM – 6: 30PM

Tel no: 0724295251 / 0795627628


Rupa’s Gift Centre

Location: Uganda House on Standard Street, Ground Floor

Open: 8:30AM – 5PM

Tel no: 0708286270


Signature Kenya Gifts

Location: Peponi Rd

Open: 9AM – 6PM

Tel no: 0733842848


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