How M-pesa foundation Academy is transforming lives.

M-pesa foundation Academy

M-pesa foundation Academy.A wise man once said education is key. In my view it is the only platform that enables a son of a peasant to dine with kings. When a child accesses quality education, their point of view, sense of direction and creative intellect is vastly improved.

However, life is not a bed of roses, high is the number of children who fail to access quality education due to the constraints in their life which range from lack of financial services all the way to inadequate education facilities in their region. This only widens the gap between the son of the king and that of a peasant, eventually making one a modern slave to the other.

M-pesa foundation academy

This is only because no support was accorded the less fortunate kids which automatically derails their dreams and sentences them to a life long struggle. It is as a result of this situation that great foundations like the M-pesa foundation by Safaricom have arose to try and bridge the gap and offer the less fortunate kids a financial scholarship to attend their academy whereby they avail to them the best facilities for them to not only realize their dreams but also became leaders worth following.

The M-pesa foundation is not the only organization/financial institution that offers relief to these children but it’s the way they operate that sets them aside from the rest. Take for example, a student who successfully gains a scholarship from other organization let’s say equity bank only gets to attended the school that they were placed to by KUCCPS.

On the contrary, a successful student of the m-pesa foundation scholarship will get to attend their state of the art m-pesa foundation academy where the student will get access to unlimited facilities that guarantees the learner will transform to the best version of him/herself. Their working model is one of a kind since the successful learners get to live as one cohesive unit.

 They continuously interact with one another on a daily basis and every learner is accorded the best care and all necessary resources are availed to them to ensure that their cognitive/mental and physical well-being is well taken care of. This can’t be said for the other organization since their learners are left to the hands of third parties and only get to interact in temporary events.

This foundation’s academy also has extracurricular activities like sports, music, and art which are incomparable to other academies in our nation. The learners here get to live and explore a life beyond their classes whereby talents are discovered and for others, hobbies are nurtured into skills thus equipping them with the necessary practical skills needed to navigate the world today.

One would then blindly conclude that this academy is for the elite but that is far away to the truth since the m-pesa foundation academy doesn’t discriminate their applicants on the basis of their physical challenges or their intellect challenge as their goal is to turn dreamers into change makers and future leaders. M-pesa foundation academy offers world class education.

Another fascinating aspect of this foundation is their ulongozi center which is like no other. The facilities offered here from computer skills, social activities, art equipment’s enables the learner to evolve from their cocoon as an all-round graduate who is equipped physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

This gives them an edge over others and readies them to face the world challenges head on. It is practically amazing that the graduates from their academy/high school can easily attend any leading university in the world without limitation since this foundation offers a helping hand to their alumni’s. This has amazingly seen a high number of their alumni venture into businesses and stroke key partnership around the world.

Take for example a graduate by the name Nathan Kubai from Meru whose dream to become a pilot would not have been realized were it not for the m-pesa foundation academy. Now he’s studying abroad in the University of Hertfordshire in England thanks to the m-pesa foundation and he is also a source of inspiration to kids from his village.

The benefits offered by this great foundation can’t be exhausted in one sitting. It touches my heart when I see the bright smiles that this foundation has lit in once hopeless students. I would like to conclude by encouraging any disadvantaged student looking to venture into high school to highly consider applying to the m-pesa foundation academy for assistance via their readily available online form. Once successful, they will get to experience education at the level best and not only transform their life but also the life of their parents, community and serve the world at large.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs.)

Where is the school located?

The school is located in Kiambu County, along the Thika – Mang’u Road, 6 kilometres off the Thika Superhighway.

What curriculum is offered here?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum with MYP, DP and CP.

How is the school governed?

The Academy is run by an Executive Head of School who reports to the Foundation’s Trustees. The school also has a Director of Studies, Director of Operations, Director Uongozi Centre. In addition to this, there is a strong team of professional staff who oversee the running of the Academy in varied capacities.

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