How to Download covid-19 certificate in Kenya

How to Download covid-19 certificate in Kenya

Recently Health CS announced that those without covid-19 vaccination certificate will not be able to get certain Government services. Due to this self service portal was launched to help residents track vaccination progress and also download their certificates once they get all vaccine doses. Download your Covid19 Vaccination Certificate

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The portal will help Kenyan citizens to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate at their free time and from their comfort zones. Once you have been vaccinated, you can download and scan your Kenya Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.

The portal also allows you to view Your Covid-19 Registration Information. The Kenya Covid-19 Vaccination Portal allows you to view details such as date of birth, identification information and contact information. How to download covid vaccination certificate in kenya.

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In addition, using the you can Verify Your Kenya Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. In order to verify your Covid-19 Certificate (Kenyan citizens only) scan the QR code provided on the certificate. To access the portal use this direct link Ensure you stay safe, wash hands, sanitize and wear a face mask to curb the spread of this deadly disease. Ministry of health covid certificate.

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