IEBC Advertises 300,000 Temporary Jobs; How To Apply, And Deadline

IEBC Advertises 300,000 Temporary Jobs; How To Apply, And Deadline.

As election day draws near, the IEBC is seeking to create over 300,000 job posts.

IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati states that the commission will spend around Ksh6 billion to enable the recruitment and remuneration of these 300,000 temporary workers. In addition, he stated that IEBC is committed to ensuring a free and fair electoral process across all parts of the country. Restaurant manager & business partner.

Preparations for the August elections, according to Archbishop Sapit, will allow the IEBC to hold peaceful elections in all regions.

IEBC Temporary voter registration jobs

“We invited two individuals to come before us, but the election code of conduct committee was struck down by a high court ruling.” What exactly does that imply? Is it true that our teeth have been extracted? He presented the question, “Can we only drink porridge?”

“It implies that if a case arises during the campaign, we organize an investigation team to look into it and report it to the Director of Public Prosecution,” he explained.

IEBC hiring an Additional Clerks and ICT supervisors to help in the

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    Wish to be among the selected members to help I operation during the forth coming elections

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