Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking (600)

Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking

The Lakeside City of Kisumu is just a train ride away. This overnight train gets you to either destination before sunrise so you can have an early start. Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking is easier than you think. Follow below steps.

The Kisumu Safari train makes the trip from Nairobi every Friday with stopovers in Naivasha, Nakuru, Njoro, Molo, Elburgon, Fort Ternan, Londiani, Muhoroni, Miwani, Chemelil, Kibigori and Kibos stations to drop and pick passengers. The train departs at 1830hrs and arrives in Kisumu at 0630 hrs. The return trip is set for every Sunday with the train departing the New Kisumu Railway station at 1830 hrs to arrive in Nairobi at 0635 hrs.

If planning to travel, a First class ticket to Kisumu costs Ksh. 2,000 and an Economy class ticket costs Ksh. 600.

The good news is that the commuters will not need to dig deeper into their pockets to board the train. These Fares are affordable compared to bus or matatu charges which range between Kshs. 1000 and Kshs. 2000 for the seven-hour journey.

The safari train has the economy and business classes to attract passengers from all walks of life. You will be required to pay Kshs. 2000 for first class. The first-class passengers enjoy luxury services, including Wi-Fi, refreshments, and spacious closets. On the other hand, economy class passengers pay Kshs. 600. The fare chart for other destinations along the route is as follows:

Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking

Nairobi to Nakuru – Kshs. 300

Nakuru to Kisumu – Kshs. 400

The Kisumu journey is 12 hours long, but there are several stops along the way. During the stop, commuters disembark and stretch for a few minutes before they continue with their journey to final destination. Below are the departure and arrival times for the safari train. Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking.

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1. Nairobi to Nakuru Departure from Nairobi: 0600 hours Arrival at Nakuru: 1135 hours.

2. Nakuru to Kisumu Departure from Nakuru: 1145 hours Arrival at Kisumu: 1745 hours

 3. Kisumu to Nakuru 600 hours Arrival at Nakuru: 1300 hours

4. Nakuru to Nairobi Departure from Nakuru: 1310 hours Arrival at Nairobi: 1820 hours

There is no worry when travelling and you happen to get hungry along the way. You can walk into the restaurant section at any time to take a light meal. It is important to note that the journey from Kisumu to Nairobi terminates in Naivasha town. Passengers are required to exit the train and board the SGR train. The full schedule for the safari train was released at the start of 2022.

Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking

 If you wish to travel to Kisumu using the safari train, you must book in advance because there are limited tickets. You should visit the Nairobi Central station to book your ticket. Alternatively, you can reserve your seat by contacting 0115169759 or 0115102558.

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Nairobi Commuter Rail Service (NCRS) is earnestly committed to providing city travellers with highly accessible and reliable rail transport 24/7. Unlike the Madaraka express, Inter-County trains operate on a flexible schedules picking and dropping passengers at designated stop points. This inter county trains safes Kenyans a lot of money considering matatu fare.

Frequently asked question

How to book train from Nairobi to Kisumu?

You can buy tickets for the Nairobi to Kisumu train by visiting Kenya Railways website. Reservations can also be made via call on either 0115169759 or 0115402558.

How much is train to Kisumu? Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking

Ksh. 600 from the city to Kisumu.

Is there night train from Nairobi to Kisumu?

Yes. Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has expanded its operations by introducing overnight passenger train rides on the Kisumu – Nairobi route

How long does it take from Nairobi to Kisumu by train?

The journey is 12 hours long, but there are several stops along the way. Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking is easy as 123.

How do I book train tickets online?

How to Book a Train Tickets Online ?

  1. Step 1: Log in to Kenya Railway website and select the train icon.
  2. Step 2: Then select the date of departure and choose from the preferred class of train travel.
  3. Step 3: You can now see all the updated train details with their schedule and availability.

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