Sgr online booking simple guide.

Sgr online booking

Booking a train with Kenyan Railways is easier today. Booking SGR from the comfort of your home, preferably on your couch is simple now. Sgr online booking in Kenya. You can book a train using your mobile phone, desktop, laptop, iPad, or any device that can browse the internet. Below is a detailed guide on how to book a train online from your comfort zone.

How to Book SGR via Online

You can book a Standard Guage Railway SGR ticket with Kenyan Railways online today. You only need to do the following:

  1. Go to the SGR website
  2. Choose a Train
  3. Select Your Destination
  4. Book the Train
  5. Assign the number of people to travel
  6. Pay for the ticket

Below is a detailed guide on how to go about sgr online booking.

Steps to Book the Train online.

  • Go to the SGR website to get started.
  • Under “TRAIN TYPE,” select between Inter-Country and Express.
  • Click the second box to view available SGR booking station options and choose your starting station.
  • Tap the third box to pick your destination.

If you choose the Inter-Country train, the following places are available:

Sgr online booking simple guide.

  1. Nairobi Terminus
    1. Mombasa Terminus
    1. Voi
    1. Mtito Andei
    1. Athi River
    1. Emali
    1. Kibwezi
    1. Mariakani
    1. Miaseny

Meanwhile, Nairobi Terminus and Mombasa Terminus are available if you’ve chosen the Express train.

Nairobi-Kisumu train online booking (600)

  • Tap the fourth box to select the travel date.
  • If you’re on the Express Train type, choose your departure time from the last box.
  • Then click Book a Train to search for available trains in your selected location.
  • Fill in the Number of People to Travel
  • After clicking “Book a Train” on the last page, you’ll see another page showing the prices of First Class and Economy tickets for both adults and children.
  • Scroll down to fill in the number of people to travel and the coach type.
  • Finally, you’ll see the total transport fare, as well as departure and arrival time.
  • Click Book a Train to proceed.
  • Fill Out the Booking Information and Proceed With Payment
  • On this page, you’ll have to fill in your passengers’ details according to what’s on their ID cards. Adults must provide a valid ID card or passport number, while children must also provide a valid ID or passport number of their parents or guardians.
  • After this, enter your valid MPESA mobile number for payment.
  • Click “Proceed for payment” to continue.

Confirming Your Reservation Details and Making Payment

Sgr online booking simple guide.

On this page you’ll have your trip summary. Go through it to confirm any error. Next, confirm you are not a robot, accept the terms and conditions, and choose your payment option. You can either choose to Pay Now or Pay Later.

Note: You  can also dial *639# on your Safaricom line to book an SGR ticket.

How to Make Payment for SGR Tickets Online

Follow below steps to complete your booking by making payment.

There are two options: “PAY NOW” or “PAY LATER”

  1. Click PAY NOW and  “Choose Payment Option”
  2. The system will automatically process the payment using the MPESA number you gave earlier.
  3. A pop up will appear on your phone.
  4. Click the popup message
  5. Input your MPESA PIN, then tap OK.
  6. Next, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS on your phone. Confirm the transaction by providing the OTP.
  7. Wait for transaction validation

Alternatively, if the system can’t process the payment automatically proceed to your mpesa menu to pay manually.

  1. Open your MPESA menu
  2. Click Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Select Paybill
  4. Enter the SGR Paybill number  809888
  5. Next, enter the account number as seen below the paybill number.
  6. Enter the equivalent amount
  7. Wait for a confirmation message from MPESA, then tap the “Confirm Payment” button on the SGR website.

After this,print the ticket to finalize the session.  Sgr online booking simple guide.

If you experience difficulties: Just call any of these SGR booking contacts:

  • 0728603581
  • 0728603582
  • 0708572574
  • 0708571587

FAQ about how to book sgr

Can I book my SGR via phone? Sgr online booking simple guide.

SGR tickets booking from the phone

Yes. simply dial *639# and follow the forthright instructions on the screen. Note that you dial the above-mentioned SGR USSD code from your Safaricom SIM card since you need MPESA.<strong>Ena coach online booking guide.</strong>

How do I check available seats in SGR?

To check tickets availability and to buy them, Dial *639# from your Safaricom Line or Kenya Railways Website and follow the steps.

Is it possible to travel with SGR without ID?

No: Passengers must be possession of a National Identification Card (ID) or other valid identification documents during travel.

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