The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) careers. 16 positions

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) is a State corporation established under the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya (1998).

Our role is to regulate the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution and exhibition of film content.

In so doing we promote culture, national values and aspirations, as well as protecting children from exposure to harmful content. 

The Kenya Information and Communications Act (KICA) empowers us to impose age-related restrictions on content.

This ensures that any content depicting or containing scenes that are rated as adult, or is delivered in a language intended for adult audience, is not aired during the watershed period (5am-10pm).

The law also mandates us to enforce the Programming Code for Broadcasting Services.

This regulation stipulates that all programme and non-programme matter – commercials, infomercials, documentaries, programme promotions, programme listings, community service announcements and station.

S/No.Vacant PositionReferenceNo. of Posts JD
1.Principal Supply Chain ManagementKFCB/HR/1/20211 Full JD
2.Registration OfficersKFCB/HR 2/20213 Full JD
3.Compliance OfficersKFCB/HR 3/20212 Full JD
4.Internal AuditorKFCB/HR/4/20211 Full JD
5.Information, Communication & Technology OfficerKFCB/ HR/5/20211 Full JD
6.Finance OfficerKFCB HR/6/20211 Full JD
7.Supply Chain Management OfficerKFCB HR/7/20211 Full JD
8.Senior Film Classification AssistantKFCB/HR 8/20211 Full JD
9.Licensing AssistantKFCB/HR 9/20211 Full JD
10.Registration AssistantKFCB/HR 10/20211 Full JD
11.Compliance AssistantKFCB/HR 11/20211 Full JD
12.Senior Office AssistantsKFCB/HR 12/20213 Full JD
13.Senior DriverKFCB/HR 13/20211 Full JD
14.Senior Accounts AssistantKFCB/HR/14/20211 Full JD
15.Customer Care AssistantKFCB/HR/15/20211 Full JD
16.Events Management AssistantKFCB/HR/16/20212 Full JD

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